The method to their madness is simple: a boutique branding agency with the resources and talents of a commercial size firm. Creative Klick is an agency that helps businesses create the content and strategy they need in order to be as transparent and compelling as the new year.

“The ability to focus on creative solutions and marketing challenges is one of the most exciting parts about running the Klick. Making our clients vision a reality brings a smile to my face,” said Jenny DiGirolamo, CEO & Co-Founder of Creative Klick.

In the midst of recent events, Creative Klick has been able to prove these abilities beyond reasonable doubt. While the COVID-19 pandemic has commonly been seen as a tragedy that stumped the economy along with our livelihood, the founders of CK visualized new opportunity.

“COVID-19 forced business owners to recognize the importance of creating an online presence when quarantine confined so many of us to our homes. If our clientele didn’t already have an online presence, they soon became hyper aware of the fact that they needed to have one or they would fail. Once the understanding of this logic was instilled, we saw a boost in enthusiasm that helped us find the brand identities underneath basic marketing that our clients (both old and new) were in dire need of,” said DiGirolamo.

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