A lot has changed in the past few months, and this continues to be a very strange time for the world. If you are one of the many businesses trying to come to terms with this new reality, @creativeklick is here to help, with some advice about how to market your business, mindfully and sensitively, during this difficult time.⁠

1. Acknowledge it⁠
The first thing to do is acknowledge to your customers what is happening, and what your business is doing to respond to the crisis. ⁠

2. Reassess your marketing⁠
Chances are you’ve already planned your marketing for the next few weeks or months – perhaps you’ve drafted email newsletters, scheduled social media posts, or written blogs. If that’s the case, now is the time to go back over all your content and marketing plans and rethink them. Are they still relevant, given what is happening? ⁠

3. Be agile⁠
Typically, we advise business owners to plan ahead and be prepared – this is still important, but the next few months will likely require you to be more agile and responsive in your marketing efforts. This is an unpredictable, fast-changing situation, so any content you prepare could become redundant after a few days or weeks. Instead, try to be more flexible, and be prepared to change your marketing quickly if required.⁠

4. Keep up your presence⁠
It may feel like the best option right now is to stop marketing altogether. But if you feel able to keep doing it, and it is appropriate to do so, then you can continue to promote your business. Perhaps you could adapt your offering to suit the latest advice (e.g. focusing on online work, or selling vouchers that can be redeemed later). Despite the current atmosphere of uncertainty, this is temporary, and your customers and clients will want to return to you once this has passed, so let them know that you will be ready to welcome them back.⁠

Remember, this won’t last forever and soon life will move forward. Keep your brand messaging steady, thoughtful, and consistent during this time and you’ll find that your connection to your existing customer base will thrive and your audience will grow.⁠

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