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We got the challange to build a premium brand from absolute zero and we nailed it.
The global skincare market size was valued at $146.7 billion in 2021, and is projected to reach $273.3 billion by 2031.


In the skincare market, individuals undergoing various skin procedures often face challenges during the post-treatment recovery phase. The current available options for aftercare lack an optimal solution that seamlessly combines hydration and the potent benefits of advanced anti-aging peptides, leading to prolonged recovery periods, discomfort, and suboptimal results for consumers.


  1. Inadequate Post-Procedure Recovery: Existing post-procedure skincare options often fall short in providing a holistic solution that caters to both hydration and the specific needs of recovering skin, leaving consumers dissatisfied with their recovery experience.

  2. Limited Efficacy of Anti-Aging Products: The market is saturated with skincare products, but many lack the effectiveness of cutting-edge peptides crucial for accelerated healing and anti-aging benefits. Consumers are left seeking a more potent and targeted solution.

  3. Long Recovery Times: Prolonged recovery periods post-skin procedures not only inconvenience consumers but may also lead to dissatisfaction with the overall experience. There is a clear need for a product that expedites the recovery process without compromising on the quality of results.


The team at Creative Klick immediately recognized that the brand had to be slick, polished and resonate with a premium treatment product. Since the client had developed close relationships with major dermatologists USA-wise, the Creative Klick designers and copywriters worked to develop authentic branding, web design, elements and layouts that would play in that cultural space. Over time, photoshoots and videos were created to build memorable marketing campaigns, leaving the viewer with an unforgetable experience. By staying the course, Maskad PRO achieved the market value of multi-million dollars company.


The strongest way to connect is to create a brand. It links people and companies that share similar purposes to walk together.

Sanjay and Amy Batra came to us with the challange of giving life to a product designed to reduce skin damages of procedures that would cause shallow burns or irritations. Maskād® was created from a need to help patients feel more comfortable following facial aesthetic procedures. Maskad can also help deliver topical ingredients such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), exosomes, growth factors, and more.

The name came up after a brainstorm we did inside Creative Klick Office (watch full video in the end), trying to communicate what was the product all about. It was a mask that aid your skin, offering extreme hydration and fast nurturing of one’s skin. In English, you can recognize long and short vowel sounds by putting an accent mark above the long vowels, like so: ā. The letter /ā/ is pronounced “ayy.”

Visual Identity

After a lot of positive feedbacks from professionals and a huge success in sales, we started stepping up into a consumer product line ( B2C ) made for skincare routines. That’s when we launched Maskad®: a whole line of B2C skincare products designed to be market leaders.

We created branded packaging, photography and a banger ecommerce that elevated the Maskad® to a whole new level. Check it out:
The impact of the new redesigned packaging, premium looking photography, aside of the before and afters imagery showing the efficacy of the product led us to astronomical results.
The revamped website, featuring high-quality, consistent imagery, increased user engagement and time spent on the site. Social media platforms gained more followers, likes, and shares, reinforcing the power of the brand.


We’ve worked since the beggining with Sanjay and and Amy and, ultimately, we’ve built Maskād® from zero to a multi-million dollar brand


How fire is that?

Crazy how sometimes you only need a creative klick 💡

Watch Our Creative Process

without a well structured and capable team, nothing would be possible.

our Creatives

We have a dedicated team composed by Digital Designer, Content Creator, Creative Directors, UX/UI Design experts and more.

our developers

We also work aside great developers that provides us with what we need to build fast websites with speed and professionalism.

We create & MANAGE BRANDS TO accomplish our client’s goals.

Yes they’re customers, users, audiences, and shoppers. But they’re people first and foremost, and they have different needs, motivations, desires, feelings, and triggers. Sometimes they’re obvious, often they’re not. And it is the uncovering of those deep human truths that we build our work on. 


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