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Enhancing Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Center's Online Presence

Product Packaging
Video commercials
Content Creation
Social Media Management


Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Center, a premier destination for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery services, partnered with our agency to elevate their online brand presence. The project involved comprehensive social media management, creative photo and video production, aimed at showcasing the center's expertise and services effectively.


1. Manage Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Center’s social media platforms to increase engagement and brand awareness.

2. Create visually stunning photo and video content that highlights the center’s procedures, patient success stories, and team expertise.

3. Enhance the overall digital footprint of Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Center through compelling visual storytelling.

Process and implementation

• Developed a tailored social media strategy to align with Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Center’s brand voice and target audience.

• Curated engaging social media posts, stories, and updates to drive audience interaction and educate followers about available services.

• Managed social media accounts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to build a strong online community and foster trust.

• Utilized analytics tools to track performance metrics and optimize content for increased reach and engagement.
Video Commercials
• Conceptualized and produced high-quality photo and video content showcasing the center’s state-of-the-art facilities, surgical procedures, and patient transformations.
• Conducted photoshoots and video recordings to capture the essence of Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Center’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.
• Edited and enhanced visual assets to maintain a cohesive brand identity and convey professionalism across all digital channels.
• Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Center experienced heightened engagement and increased followers across social media platforms.

• The visually stunning photo and video content resonated well with the audience, leading to improved brand perception and credibility.

• Social media campaigns and promotions resulted in higher website traffic and inquiries about the center’s services.

• The revamped online presence contributed to a boost in patient consultations and bookings for Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Center.
By managing Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Center’s social media channels and producing captivating photo and video content, our agency successfully amplified the center’s online presence and engaged with a wider audience seeking cosmetic and reconstructive surgery solutions. The collaboration between Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgery Center and our team exemplifies the impact of strategic digital marketing initiatives in promoting expertise, building trust, and driving business growth in the competitive plastic surgery industry.

Our priority, your success

Our passion is reflected in everything we create from media strategies and creative concepts to results driven marketing campaigns.

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