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They needed more than a company with products in aesthetics and beauty – and we did it.


Our branding goal aimed to convey top-tier quality and establish market leadership in cosmetics.

Visual Identity

WeThrivv needed a strong and modern brand to communicate the power of their products.

Institutional Website

To wrap it all together, we needed to design an website to present all their products streamlines.

Branding & Visual Identity

At WeThrivv, the brand essence is a harmonious fusion of innovation and sophistication. Mirroring the diversity within the team—spanning science, technology, marketing, training, and product development — a minimal and sleek logo design encapsulates the essence of our multifaceted expertise.

The choice of a thin and tall font serves as a visual articulation of our commitment to modernity and precision. Embracing minimalism, our design reflects clarity and purity, symbolizing our dedication to delivering best-in-class solutions. Each element of our visual identity is thoughtfully crafted to resonate with the seamless blend of science and beauty that defines WeThrivv’s unique position in the aesthetics and beauty industry.




In the end, we take pride in not only delivering exceptional aesthetic outcomes but also in achieving remarkable financial success for WeThrivv.

The synergy between cutting-edge aesthetic solutions and financial success is a testament to the efficacy of our approach.

Crazy how sometimes you only need a creative klick 💡

Watch Our Behind The Scenes

without a well structured and capable team, nothing would be possible.

our Creatives

We have a dedicated team composed by Digital Designer, Content Creator, Creative Directors, UX/UI Design experts and more.

our developers

We also work aside great developers that provides us with what we need to build fast websites with speed and professionalism.

We create & MANAGE BRANDS TO accomplish our client’s goals.

Yes they’re customers, users, audiences, and shoppers. But they’re people first and foremost, and they have different needs, motivations, desires, feelings, and triggers. Sometimes they’re obvious, often they’re not. And it is the uncovering of those deep human truths that we build our work on. 


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

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